Tuesday, February 1, 2011


my husband and his best man, aaron rice, wrote this song for me and it was played as a surprise during the ceremony of our wedding... he wrote me a song! don't girls dream of this?! the words are so beautiful and so fitting for our story. i am still trying to grasp the beauty of the words and the fact that it was written for me.. i don't deserve a love like this, but i am reminded by Stephen, who does? enter Jesus Christ- the reason we are able to love and be loved. i am blown away by the Lord's love and by Stephen's love for me. may this song be the prayer of our life. it is perfect. it is the cry of our hearts. it is ours. it is us. it is our story.


one man, one woman at the altar

one God, who taught us how to love

two lives destined for each other

our story, authored from above.

Lord, bind our hearts to thee

as a light for all to see

and as you make our hearts as one

through the power of your son

with a love that can't be undone.

though one may be overpowered

and two may make it through the night

a cord of three cannot easily be broken

so, God hear our prayer.

-aaron rice and my husband, sjw.


  1. So happy for the two of you. I'm sure that God will bless your marriage for years to come.